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in Acoustics of Speech and Hearing

Acoustics of Speech and Hearing FAQ. Our very own FAQ database! You can browse the answers to questions posed by students studying the Acoustics of Speech and Hearing taught at University College London.

in Deafness

Action on Hearing Loss FactSheets. Pages packed full of informative and practical information about hearing and deafness from the U.K. Charity.

Advice on living with Tinnitus. Tinnitus is the term for noises 'heard' when there is no actual external sound. This advice comes from the UK charity Hearing Link.

in Linguistics

Linguistics Society of America FAQ. This site has extended answers to a small number of important questions: "Why do some people have an accent?", "Why can't computers use English?", "Is English Changing?", "How can I communicate with a relative who's had a stroke?", "Does the language I use affect the way I think?", "Linguistics and National Security", "Bilingualism", "What is an endangered language?", "Language Acquisition".

sci.lang FAQ. The FAQ list from the Usenet sci.lang newsgroup. Gives answers to these questions among others: "How did language originate?", "What is known about prehistoric language?", "Are all languages equally complex, or are some more primitive than others?", "What is a dialect?", "Languages keep simplifying-- how did they ever become complex?".

in Speech Technology

comp.speech FAQ. By far the best source of information about speech technology can be found in the excellent FAQ of the comp.speech newsgroup. Different sections address: 1. General Information on Speech Technology, 2. Signal Processing for Speech, 3. Speech Coding and Compression, 4. Natural Language Processing, 5. Speech Synthesis, and 6.Speech Recognition.

Acoustics FAQ. Answers to basic questions about acoustics, such as "What does dB(A) mean".


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