The Library

Welcome to the Institute Library. We have laid out the library pages just like a real library, with separate sections for Journals, Books and Reference materials. Come and browse!


We have collated journals and magazines under these main headings. All the referenced journals have web pages where you can search the contents of the printed publications. Many of these sites also have articles that can be read on-line.


On these pages you will find recommendations for printed books in speech and hearing science. Every book listed has been recommended by an enthusiastic reader. Every book is currently in print.

Books have been categorised into beginner, intermediate, or expert as follows. A beginners level book is suitable for a young person or a lay person with no previous experience in the field. An intermediate level book is suitable for a student in some field of speech and hearing science; they will know the basic terminology and concepts. An advanced level book is suitable for someone with a qualification in speech and hearing; they will have an advanced understanding in some areas.

Reference Materials

The reference section aims to direct you to important and quality information about the field: for example standards and recommendations for good practice. Information about organisations can be found in the Meeting Room. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions can be found in the Entrance Hall.


Would you like to recommend a journal, book or reference material? Send us a message.

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