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Introductory Digital Signal Processing with Computer Applications (P.A. Lynn, W. Fuerst, B. Thomas, 1997). An essential component of the advanced undergraduate syllabus, digital signal processing continues to be of vital importance in many areas, including communications, radar, sonar, seismology, biomedicine, aeronautics and data analysis. This revised edition gives a practical account of the subject - identifying the main problems and pitfalls of DSP, and detailing how to interpret the results of signal processing. Throughout the text, computer programs are employed to illustrate the fundamental concepts of DSP and to facilitate the practical design of digital filters and processors. For this revised version, all computer programs have been translated into C to increase the appeal to a wider range of users. The disk included with this text provides a graphic display of the results of processing signals and allows the reader to take an interactive role by experimenting with programs. [John Wiley and Sons, ISBN: 0471976318]. Available at and


Speech Synthesis and Recognition (John Holmes & Wendy Holmes, 2001) With the increasing impact of information technology on daily life the problems of communication between human beings and information-processing machines is of growing importance. This book is an easy to read introduction to the subjects of generating and interpreting speech for those who have no experience and wish to specialise in the area, and also for professionals in related fields who need to understand enough about speech technology to apply techniques developed by others and to communicate effectively with specialists. [Taylor & Francis; ISBN: 0748408576] Available at and



Discrete-time Processing of Speech Signals (John Deller, John Hansen, John Proakis, 1999). Commercial applications of speech processing and recognition are fast-becoming a growth industry that will shape the next decade. Now students and practising engineers of signal processing can find in a single volume the fundamentals essential to understanding this rapidly developing field. Specially featured in this reissue is the addition of World Wide Web links to speech data references. This book offers a balanced discussion of both the mathematical theory of digital speech signal processing and critical contemporary applications. The authors provide a comprehensive view of major modern signal processing areas: speech production physiology and modelling, signal analysis techniques, coding, enhancement, quality assessment, and recognition. It offers the principles needed to understand advanced technologies in speech processing - from speech coding for communication systems to biomedical applications of speech analysis and recognition. Ideal for self-study or as a course text, this far-reaching reference book offers an extensive historical context for concepts under discussion, end-of-chapter problems, and practical algorithms. [IEEE Press, ISBN: 0780353862]. Available at and


Journal of Computer Speech and Language. From Elsevier.

Speech Communication. From Elsevier Science.

International Journal of Speech technology. From Kluwer Academic.

Computing Research Repository E-print Archive. Search and download papers in computational linguistics, natural language processing and speech processing.

CiteSeer Scientific Literature Digital Library. Enormous archive of downloadable papers in science and technology with citation indexing.

Reference Material

Survey of the state of the art in human language technologies. A complete on-line book published in 1996 and sponsored by the US National Science Foundation.


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