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The Speech Chain (Peter Denes, Elliot Pinson, 1993). For over 25 years,"The Speech Chain" has been regarded as the classic, easy-to-read introduction to the complexities of spoken communication. The book has now been thoroughly revised and updated to give a state-of-the-art description of each link in the speech chain - from the speaker's production of words to the transmission of sound to the listener's perception. It provides a foundation for understanding the essential aspects of linguistics, acoustics and anatomy, and explores recent research developments, such as the digital processing of speech and the use of computers for the generation of artificial speech and for speech recognition. This interdisciplinary account should be accessible to persons with no previous exposure to the study of language. [W H Freeman, ISBN: 0716723441]. Available at and



Signals and Systems for Speech and Hearing (Stuart Rosen, Peter Howell, 1990). This text is a thorough introduction to the concepts of signals and systems analysis that play a role in the speech and hearing sciences, using only minimal mathematics. Written in an informal yet informative style, it provides a comprehensive course for the student and also an excellent reference guide for the specialist. [Academic Press London, ISBN: 0125972318]. Available at and


Fundamentals of Hearing : An Introduction (William Yost, 1994). The third edition of Yost's introductory book on hearing, this edition completely updates and expands the fundamental facts about hearing - the stimulus of sound, the anatomy and physiology of the auditory system, and the perception of sound. Also be sure to look at the web demonstrations to go with this book. [Academic Press Inc, ISBN: 012772690X]. Available at and



Acoustic Systems in Biology (Neville Fletcher, 1992). This is a practical guide for researchers and advanced graduate students in biology and biophysics who need a quantitative understanding of acoustical systems such as hearing, sound production, and vibration detection in animals at the physiological level. It begins with an introduction to physical acoustics directed explicitly at their needs, covering the fundamental concepts and showing how they can be applied quantitatively to understand animals' auditory and sound-producing systems. Only after the relatively simple mechanical part of the system is explained does the author focus his attention on the underlying physiological processes. [Oxford University Press, ISBN: 0195069404]. Available at and


Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. The premier journal for scientific work in hearing and perception.

Reference Material

A Virtual Tour of the Ear. Links to lots of useful resources in hearing and speech perception.

Hearing resources on the Web. A set of hearing related links from Wisconsin.


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