Web Tools for Speech

All the software listed on this page run directly in the browser and should be compatible with most computing platforms and browsers.


Speech recording and display

WASP: Waveform, annotation, spectrogram and pitch

WASP is a web application for recording, display and replay of speech. WASP displays a waveform, spectrogram, pitch track and pitch marks. It can also be used for annotation. The web version of WASP is also compatible with WASP for Windows.

Speech displays

These displays can be embedded in web pages.

RTGRAM: Real-time spectrogram display

RTGRAM displays a real-time scrolling spectrogram of a speech signal.

RTSPECT: Real-time spectrum display

RTGRAM displays a real-time spectral display of a speech signal. Display formats include filterbank, spectrum, and cepstrum.

RTWAVE: Real-time waveform display

RTWAVE displays a real-time oscilloscope display of a speech signal.

Pitch and voice quality

AMPITCH: Scrolling amplitude and pitch display

AMPITCH displays a real-time scroling display of the amplitude and pitch of a speech signal.

RETONE: Pitch manipulation tool

RETONE allows you to manipulate the pitch contour of a speech signal. With RETONE you can record or upload a speech signal, and then modify the pitch contour with the mouse and hear the modified version.

PITCHLAB: Pitch laboratory

PITCHLAB contains a number of activities for learning about pitch. With PITCHLAB you can measure the repetition frequency of a recording, change the pitch of a signal by changing its playback speed, and generate artificial signals using beats.

VQLAB: Voice quality laboratory

VQLAB provides facilities for learning about instrumental measures of voice quality and pitch of speech signals. With VQLAB you can record a vowel and study measures like fundamental frequency, jitter and shimmer; you can also record a passage and study a histogram of the fundamental frequencies used.

Speech science education

ESECTION: Speech cross-sections

ESECTION display spectral and other cross-sectional displays of parts of a speech recording. With ESECTION you can record or upload a speech recording and display filterbank, spectral, cepstral and autocorrelation graphs over selected intervals. ESECTION will also calculate estimated of fundamental frequency and formant frequencies.

ESFILT: demonstration of spectral analysis

ESFILT provides a simple demonstration for how a band-pass filter can be used to estimate the spectrum of a signal. With ESFILT youcan generate an artificial signal comprising three harmonics, and then use a band-pass filter to plot its spectrum.

ESYNTH: demonstration of harmonic synthesis

ESYNTH provides a demonstration of harmonic synthesis. With ESYNTH you can create a spectrum with a number of harmonics, then see and hear the waveform created.

ESYSTEM: Signals and systems learning tool

ESYSTEM is a tool for learning about signals and systems theory. With ESYSTEM you can select a number of different inpiut signals and a number of different processing systems and observe the effect of the system on the waveform and the spectrum of the input.

HARSYN: demonstration of harmonic analysis and synthesis

HARSYN provides a demonstration of harmonic analysis and synthesis. With HARSYN you can sample a periodic waveform (such as a vowel) and listen to the individual harmonics present.

RIPPLE: ripple tank demonstration

RIPPLE implements a simple ripple tank that can used to explain wave propagation, reflection and diffraction.

ROBOVOICE: concatenative speech synthesis demonstrator

ROBOVOICE demonstrates concatenative speech synthesis. With ROBOVOIVCE you can record and identify a library of speech excerpts then hear what they sound like when glued together.

VTDEMO: Vocal tract synthesis demonstration

VTDEMO implements an articulatory synthesizer which can generate sounds from a model vocal tract. With VTDEMO you can see and hear the effect of changing vocal tract shape on the sound generated. You can also see the spectrum of the sound and formant frequency estimates.

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